Areas of practice

Corporate Governance & Compliance

Having important experience in Corporate Governance & Compliance matters, our firm can assist on developing your assets administration and your corporate tax planning by providing tailor-made solutions for simple or complexed corporate structures clients.

We are also really excited to offer our Start-Up package to newly founded companies and young entrepreneurs. This includes our services as described below and access to services provided by our network of valued associates as Accounting & Audit Services, Funding and consultation in regards to E.U. funded or sponsored programmes, Bank Account opening and Introduction to Financial Institutions etc.

Incorporation of a Cyprus company:

- Name approval

- Drafting of incorporation documents

- File the necessary documents to the Registrar of Companies

- Payment of Government registration fees

- Company Seal

Nominee Services

- Nominee Directors

For a Cyprus Ltd Company to fall under the low tax regime of Cyprus, it is necessary that the management and control of the Company as well as all management decisions be made in Cyprus.

- Provision of Nominee Shareholders

Our firm provides nominee shareholder services to those clients who wish to maintain their anonymity.

- Secretary

The secretary is an integral part of Cypriot companies and is the person who takes over the company's administration.

- Registered Office Address

The registered office address is the main address of the company used by the Registrar of Companies and all Competent Authorities of the Republic as all letters and notices are sent to this address.

Other services

- Company administration, drafting of corporate documents and provide assistance at any request

- Banking

- Re-domiciliation of companies in and out of Cyprus

- Strike off and Liquidation of Companies

- Registration of Confidential

- Incorporation of Partnership

- Trademark registration

- Intellectual properties

- Patents

Registration of the Intellectual Properties at Cyprus Registrar of Companies, European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The Cyprus intellectual property system provides 80% exemption from income tax if the intellectual property is owned by a Cypriot resident company.

Know Your Client

Our company is licensed by the Cyprus Bar Association to provide corporate services. Therefore, the supervisory authority of our company is the Cyprus Bar Association. We fully comply with the guidelines of the Cyprus Bar Association and the AML legislation. In this regard, we are obliged to keep a record of our clients’ documents (passports, utility bills, etc.) so that we can apply our due diligence procedures to clients and associates.